Friday, July 29, 2011

Post AR...

Characters making their appearance in this blog:
Mawe - me
AR - the ex
Captain - IITK's own son
Ashan  - the master(friend at IIT)
Muringa - the chota master (friend at IIT)
Prancko - the excavator (He digs. period. part of IIT gang)
Chachan  - the philosopher (friend at IIT)
Unnikuttan/Unni - nothing like his name.That's why we named him that.(IIT mein sathi)

I really had to pull the plug. I had ample time to think about things. I would miss her when she was gone. But when I thought of the pain she and I were going through, it seemed human enough. The last few weeks were hell. Swatting at a mosquito that was buzzing around and thinking about the recent turn of events, I got up. I really had to do it. Reaching for the cord-I pulled the plug. Woosh. I stood still listening to the john flush itself. Bodily ablutions over, I sighed as I made my way to my six-by-ten hostel room.

My last dinner of chicken and rumali rotti was as good as my soon to be ex-girlfriend. I started to think why I had gone into this relationship in the first place, and that's when things got messy. There's no straight answer and no right one for such questions, and I lowered myself onto my bed and tried to get into a position that would remind me less of the mess in my tummy. Last night's 8PM together with the chicken tikka and rumali rotti had made sure I got up at 10 in the morning with my stomach groaning like a road-roller going up-hill.

As I tried to ignore the taste of bile down my mouth, I noticed my FB screen showed a notification. It was Vindhya posting whether "someone needed an independent woman or a dependent one to be his partner". Hell why would someone want a dependent one I wonder, as if other worldly problems aren't enough. There are currently 54 comments on this particular comment and still the debate runs on. People are plain messed up. There are hundreds of such questions posted on FB, some real crap. I remember the ex posting one such one "My friend is not talking to me..what can it be?" I was chuckling to myself thinking how far this would go. And go it did, to the tune of 70-80 comments on the unknown friend,the unknown reason she/he had stopped talking to the ex and here's the really funny part-how should she get him/her back. Now I didn't think so much of stupidity could be found at one place. But apparently when an o.k girl (not even great looking required mind you) posts anything, you have a thousand idiots drooling over the damn page. I smile at the thought that not one of these losers stood any chance at getting the girl over something which she obviously couldn't make her mind up about. Social networking gives us 1percent useful stuff and 99percent crap and still no one gives a damn. Not me, anyway, the ex has got quite a circus going and on boring days I look through the crap and feel a sort of diabolical satisfaction.

Last night the party at Unni's was a splash. Twelve guys crammed into a tiny room, cot and chairs being thrown out to make space for the 8PMs in the centre and the spread of rumali rottis and chicken. Straight from the dhaba near the insti, made by Ghulam bhai and his minions who 'waste no sweat' in making the most delicious meals for us insti people. Anyway no one was complaining as they dug into the chicken tikka. Something tasty to take the bite off the 8PM and no one gives a damn about the dhaba or the history of the chicken. Down my 3rd peg and listening to the guys singing lustily, my mind swam. I was elsewhere, another party on some God-forsaken island and a couple of pegs ahead, my mind was clear enough to give the then loving gf a call:

Leaning on a coconut tree I made the call. I could hear the rings clear; fortunately the reception wasn't bad. I grinned at my luck and my state of affairs. Alcohol flowing through my veins faster than blood, with my favourite people and the only one I could think of calling was her. There's something about us guys: there's some weird satisfaction in calling a girl you know when you are pitch drunk and talking normally of course.
"Helloooo.."she loved singing the hello.
"hello AR"(she shall henceforth be known as AR/ex)
"Where are you?and why didn't you call me till now?" In those days she used to raise a tantrum when I 'didnt call her till then'.
"I told you right? I was going out with my friends on a boat-trip?" I steadied myself on the coconut tree. The tree leaned a fair way making it easy for me to half-lean-half-lie on it as I turned my eyes to the skies. There were stars out in a clear night sky and the moon overhead shone over the lagoon making it a world out of nowhere. There was water all around.
" The signal here was kinda bad, that's why I didn't call till now. But AR the sight over here is beautiful. There's nothing for miles, just water and the sky above. I miss you dear. I wish you were here with me by my side."
"Really?You want me with youu??.."she chided. I love her when she does that. Makes me want to grab her and give her a kiss. Almost rolled off the damn tree thinking about it. It would be better to take refuge on the ground when talking with her. So I lay spread-eagled on my back, on the grass, still looking at the stars. The air smelt of the wet ground and a little bit of the dung that lay around deposited in abundance by buffallo we had seen during the daytime.
"hmm..I want you right here with me, want to talk to you, lie on your lap." I was 'swimming', partly because of the whisky and partly thinking how it would be to lie with my head on her lap..
"hehe.." her laughter rang in my ears "you sound very happy. So you are enjoying with your friends? Where is this place?"
"Yes I am very happy. And that's why I want you with me..This place?Somewhere in the lagoon, who cares..You have that interview tomorrow no?"
"Yes. And sweetie I want you to call me and wish me luck first before anyone else.."
"Done. Wait-there's hardly any range and I am running out of balance." See I was still in control of my senses. I could sense danger ahead.
"I don't care." There it was "Mave (I'm using this nick for this post) I want you to call and wish me luck in the morning before anyone else..before anyone ELSE.." she has a way of emphasising things, that is comical in that sing-song way of hers. I loved it anyway.
"Hmm I will try..but anyway best of luck sweetie..I will call don't worry. Uh..oh..low balance"
"Mave I want you to call me, come what may" I don't think it registered in her mind or if it even mattered if it did, that I was miles away from the nearest recharge centre in the middle of the night, with no boat to take me there. No shop would open till at least 9am the next day, and I am doused in alcohol in the inside (and I know that she kinda knows that too). There's no way I am going to even open an eyelid before 9, let alone get to a recharge shop.
"hmm..ya I will..Now good night and sleep tight..sweet dreams"
"goooood night..sweet dreams" there was the sing-song thing again. Oh! I really want to give her a kiss..
I rolled over on the ground. Ahh..I missed her. My mobile showed a balance of 0.20Rs. There  was no way I was gonna make that call. I remember asking chachan to set an alarm at 9 the next day. My head was throbbing now that I was back to reality, the whisky was really kicking in. I remember chachan kicking me in the guts the next day and shoving the mob in my face. How he got up I have no idea. I remember sitting, with my head feeling like lead and my inners feeling like they were taking a ride in my mom's washing machine. I fought the urge to throw up..another 15 min and she would leave..I made the call...

" Mawe u freaking idiot what are you doing there mumbling to the glass. Finish the damn thing and pass it. 4th peg on.."  I was jolted back to reality; Ashan was screaming like he was possessed. Frankly I think the guy is possessed when he drinks. Seeing the wild look in his eyes which stared at me through the hair all over his face, I took the last swig and passed it on. Ashan looked pleased. He carefully counted the glasses; I had a vision of my grandmother counting her chicken before locking the coop each night. Seeing that none of the glasses had run away, he proceeded to pour the next peg, the mad look returning to his eyes. His hair which otherwise is found plastered to his head like it was Fevicol and not coconut oil that held it together, tonight hung over his eyes making a sorta weird curtain through which he looked with his 'mad eyes'. Muringa decided the time was ripe for a hearty song between drinks. He envies his singing abilities, Muringa does. But only he does. As he broke the silence with a baritone, Ashan's hair crept into his eye and there was a mad swing with the bottle, splashing the whisky all over the mat and breaking Ashan's pride. Cursing the hair he directed a well placed kick at muringa's shins breaking the song in mid-note. Over on my right unaware of what was happening Prancko was still explaining to Captain how his theory of earthquake detection worked. Prancko was a genius. Well who else could go digging on the dirty banks of the Ganga, come up with what looked like a dog's jaw-bone amidst the ton of muck and 'discover' it was a dolphin's tail-bone? We hadn't seen a dolphin's tail-bone till then, but no one could argue to prancko who said he had seen the same stuff digging around the Andamans.

It was then that I looked at what I was clutching in my hand. I had absent-mindedly browsed through my "contacts list" and had found AR's no. Her smiling face stared back at me from the mobile. I felt sick. Here I was trying to start things over, get away from the girl whom I could no longer stand, and my mind goes rummaging in my mobile and brings up this. A roar went up from Ashan and the gang as the 4th peg was 'on'. I got my glass and staggered out of the room.

True I had pushed her away each time when she had tried for a reunion. But that's cos I hardly felt that she had changed any bit from when we had fought. She had thought up weird reasons about why it was I who was actually wrong. I had had enough. If she wants me she better change her ways. But it was strange that after all this time, surrounded by the people I liked, and in the middle of a party, all I could think of was calling her...