Monday, August 2, 2010

I.I. of T-The first few days

I have gone through the six steps needed for a selected aam admi to become an iitk-ian.And though there are no visible changes, no sudden gyan added, I have to admit, you get the feeling that you belong. Right from getting the email,through to the id card, the Director's address, the registration, bank account, the health check-up, the process gives you wings I think, without drinking a drop of Red-Bull. So much so that we had gals jumping up in the informal session and saying that they already felt part of the group. The Counselling service had done a fabulous job and except for the girls and few guys who came in the end and had to share rooms-ahem seperately, we are not into co-accomodation yet, as the Director took care to point out. Must say that the Director's address was one of the finest speeches I have heard.

 After the whole orieentation program, we had talks with seniors. And that was when the real fun began. The unravelling of the mystery that surrounds the iit-behemoth. The goods and the bads were all discussed and finally all six of us-oh forgot to mention there are six of us in our gang, were of the opinion that this was a tough case to crack. We learnt that t stands for termination..and I have developed a strange kind of loathing for that word ever since. We finally decided that enough was enough and we could get ourselves a better grade than 6.5. Thats right, there are no five-point someones in iitk 'cos they are all sent back home. Moving on to other colourful things in life by which I dont mean the peacocks of which iitk has a good no., but to the girl brigade, I must say iitk is colourful. Having heard that iitk is a dry area, it is refreshing to know that there is nothing dry about it, be it the lush lawns or the girls of the insti. Both are equally good to look at, though the balance tips heavily to the latter. Theres amazing flexibility in the learning system be it the option for auditing(sitting in classes without attending exams-fun eh?) or electives for anything you want to take up.

All in all, its fun to sweat in a/c lecture halls. That happens when you can't make out a thing thats being said and some goof screams out answers from the back. The FOOD is a revealation in itself. You will notice that I have written it in capital letters. You will soon see why. Firstly to all the people of the North we just can't understand how you survive with all this potato in your bowels. I have lived in the North and have no aversion to aloo-see they have even named it sounding lovely; but I just can't get it how you manage to take it in such large quantities in every meal of the day and don't explode. I have become a walking gas chamber with a very precarious safety-valve. And thank God for the a/c in the class rooms. Today the Maths guy was teaching us relations-the math kind, and like the guy who found out Benzene in his semiconsciousness, I realised what I was going through. To sum it up in my words, verified and attested to by all six of us-"To sit with a stomach full of aloo is akin to being a nuclear reactor with the explosion in control. You can catch all the remaining neutrons and leave three to cause damage, and only when all the control rods are working properly. In a similar manner you can eat aloo and sit with dignity in class but only with the unnerving feeling that it could all go wrong in a minute." I slipped out of my reverie, happy with myself at having found a similie to the situation to find that the Math guy was teaching something called groups and writing english on the board that made no sense to me. That is the 'iit effect'-post symptoms include sweating in cold temperatures of 23degree C.

Moving on our hostel or Hall as we call it here, is said to resemble the ones in m.i.t. See Indo-U.S co-operation for this insti could have terminated a long time ago but that doesn't mean we can't still romance about it. Romancing apart, I had like to ask the m.i.t ians how they manage to shrink their 6 foot something bodies into these cramped rooms. The building is beautiful really but the rooms are kinda small. For instance there are rooms where you can't open the cup-board without lifting the cot. That said its a beautiful building,well-maintained and green all round with several shuttle courts,a gym,a recreation room.

Now for the finale word,the facilities-mind-boggling. It can best be described as a science guy's paradise. There's every sort of equipment and amazing freedom to do what you want. The faculty is brilliant and the infrastructure be it scientific or otherwise like sport complexes and well maintained grounds,amazing. More later on, 'cos as they say here-"use your time efficiently", and they mean every letter of what they say.