Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Gr8 Indian Admission Rat-Race!!

As i write this i've completed "The Gr8 Indian Journey" which every1 in my rank prof for GATE has had to take..It began with Kanpur,through to Mumbai,and then on to Delhi and finally back home,in the process skipping Kharagpur it is with a lot of heartache,sunburn,fond and not-so-fond memories that you have sent me back home,my countrymen-and women!!

Firstly, thanks to the present Railwy admin we never got a single 3AC ticket throughout the entire journey..One might ask wat has the admin got t do with it..For 1 thing its a blatant and open fact that the admin is hand-in-hand with agents and u never get t c an Available seat for 2-3 months flat..its alwys waitin list t the tune of 100 or more..u might say its due t the vacation season,but the scene gets uglier in the tatkal queues..agents are alwys 1st in the queue or their cronies are..and they even get their tickets going inside the counter-room..its a fact that in N.India..u wont get a tatkal ticket by standin in the queue...So while the aam-admi gets it up his rear tickets are sold for double-price even!..shd say the scene ws better with Laloo..mamata's durantos too re useless..v call them durantam(disaster) down much for railwys..

Part 1 : Kanpur..shd say love the iit but hate the city..has t be 1 of the worst cities i've ever been to..more of a dump than a city..but the!!!every bit of it..loved the infrastructure n plannin..but boy oh boy didnt v get the treatment in the interview..t sum it up..i understood that u dont need knives t inflict pain..giv him an iitk interview anyday!!but it feels gr8 t be selected...

Part 2:Mumbai...on an overnight flight t beat the iit strategists at their game in mumbai,i found that 70% of the ppl in the flight were goin for the same thing..u c iits this yr hav scheduled their admission process so tht the aam-admi wont make it to more than 1 or max 2 iits t try his mumbai i found out tht this yr its heavy competition even for aero which isnt given the sort of attn. it got at iitb..over a 100 ppl turned up for 19 odd seats..apart from the admission process i ws there cos i wanted t tour mumbai it ws with renewed vigour tht i set out the nxt mornin frm my uncle's place..tried out the metro all along 1 length of it..LLLLLLLLLovveddddddd it!!!!!!i loved the crowd..the fact tht u dont hav t do anythin..u jus stand still n they push u inside an they push u bac outside..neat eh!!u'll never get this much of personalised attn in the delhi metro..i like the spirit of the ppl in mumbai..their lifes hectic..every1 alwys near-runnin..yet they ALWYS find time t sing and pray on the metro..i hav t giv it t u mumbaikars..for
1.the way u enjoy ur metro journey swingin by 1 hand at the door
2.they way u guys sing and pray noisily in the evenings.
3.going thro the same process again an again n still doin it..
BUT like evrythin it has its downside too..i ws once standin near the doorway n cos it ws not my stop i started t go inside..there ws this guy in his late 30s who gives me such a stare as if he ws the don of mumbai..twas as if i ws pullin his balls with me as i started to go inside..i bein the cool guy i ws of course whistled at his face n continued..tho must say..too much reaction for nothin!!i heard that this kinda thing happens a lot-ppl get really angry if ure standin in the wrong queue t get dwn frm the train..Arey!!itna tension kai ko lene ka? one is going to prevent u frm gettin down n if v want t move aside n let u get dwn u shd b happier na??seedhi baat no bakwas!!there is mumbai left t b explored but all-in-all i kinda like the place..

part3:delhi..the delhi iit is much better than iitb in terms of looks n the city is cleaner too i guess..the delhi metro is cool but it lacks the spirit of the mumbai 1..the city i cldnt explore that much due t the heat,but frm wat i saw of it twas o.k..the ppl,the youth-brigade re quite cool..n the gudis of delhi impressed me...but i left delhi with lots more left t explore..i badly,badly wantd t go t noida but cldnt..n i really wantd t c the night-life properly in these 2 cities..but thats for another time i guess..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The 'Right Dress'...

Well for all those unfortunate ppl who wrote GATE this time..urs truly included,it is interview time...and as soon as i got my interview call for kanpur,my mind well....did not focus on studies,rather on the all-important question on what to wear.So it was that with a bride's vigour for a wedding gown,i ramshackled the cupboard for the 'right dress'.speaking of the 'right dress' its time to move backwards to my third year in college..
There was this college-placement-cell-evaluation committee which was visiting our college.Together with speaking to the students about the facilities,and making notes about the college,the committee would also be conducting interviews of selected candidates from each branch to test the quality of training imparted by our CCR(placement)department.Now this was an opportunity to bunk classes and i didnt let it pass..So it was that i found myself waiting for my turn to get interviewed..There were two guys interviewing and we soon found out that one was asking only technical and the other only HR questions..Now i being the true-blooded engineer that Iam(cough),i couldnt think of taking an HR interview when there was a technical one going on..I like challenges u see,case in point-my college-bunk episode..but more on that my turn came and I wished the guy and took my seat..the next 2-3minutes was SILENCE..the guy wouldnt look at me..he just started leafing through papers lying on his desk..I wasnt perturbed,remembering the Golden rule-"never speak until spoken to and never more than what is necessary"...finally feeling contended that all his papers were safe,he looked at me and asked me to introduce myself.I gave a short introduction.He clears his throat"Is this the way to dress for an interview?"I had worn a light-blue half-sleeved shirt with tiny white dots that can be described as nothing but flashy bizzare designs..'twud have a brought a smile on the clergyman back home if i had worn it to Church..Next to uniform-crazy martinets the clergymen are the most difficult tribe on this planet...anything flashy and they look at you as if you were something the dog brought home..and iam pretty sure my light-blue shirt would have won his respect anyday..To couple this i had worn my steel-grey trousers and all of this neatly pressed the very same morning....when a hostel-guy goes to this much of trouble for a pseudo-interview you should get the idea that i stop at nothing when it comes to dressing well...So i couldnt believe my ears when i heard him say that..let me take a break here by giving a pic of him-guy in late fifties..greying hair,short..thats about it..Now when i heard him say this my brain and spinal cord were in a nervous-frenzy..not nervous mind you-but full of nerval activity..why?cos this was the kind of behaviour exhibited by certain profs..the ones who hate their lives and want others to hate theirs too,think that though the laws of science were made by some brilliant dude,they have the right to ammend them at will-hence the concept of "the right answer" (according to them)..more on the wonderful qualities of the prof-bitches later on..
My brain was spot-on with its verdict"tread carefully"..So i countered"sir, i selected a good clean shirt with a fairly o.k colour and a matching pair of trousers which i thought were suitable for an interview".
"you think you can wear a half-sleeved shirt and look, it looks like you wear it to a party".
i wondered whether this old fool had ever been invited to a party...i decided that it was best to keep silent..after having had several opportunities to face prof-bitches i knew what to do..He then proceeded to comment on my poor grades in my first sem..and having 'tsk...tsked..'a couple of times asked me a few basic questions in the subject,which i answered..after all THAT was what i had come for right?
in the end he asked me if i wanted to ask him anything..i asked him about his background..he waves his arms..
"i passed out from iit delhi with a in electronics..and i was then employed by (some worked my way to be(some top designation i dont remember now)..and i left it..i was consulted later by many companies..the blah-blah company here once came to me to check out a site for a future plant.i studied the survey and checked out the site and passed my verdict that it would be a total loss if they started it there..they didnt listen to me an got the plant okayed and then later it became a huge failure and then they came to me asking me what could be done.i said nothing can be done,close it and you can only start an i.t company there."(from where did he get the idea of an i.t co.??he was supposed to be giving info for an electrical firm..wonder how i.t got into the scheme of things even if the former was not feasible??")
i bit my lips to prevent myself from laughing out aloud..this self-conceited jerk was making an idiot of himself..i was certainly enjoying the show now..but he stopped at that(sigh)..twas time for me to get out..which i did without further ado..
you might think that that was it..but the best part of the revealation was about to happen..we were having lunch in the mess when 1 of my classmates discusses the whole issue..i asked him how it had gone for him..he said that it had gone quite o.k for him..he had also been to the same guy and it turns out he had quite a nice time with the old guy..i couldnt believe my ears for the second time that day...i narrated my bizzare interview story..after hearing me the guy starts laughing"hoho...thats not surprising...that guy was an iyengar(tamil brahmin) and iam an iyengar" what the heck has that got to do with my story??
"you see you are not an iyengar"..
"huh?what has that got to do with my blue shirt..?"(apparently the amount of criticsm my blue shirt recieved was still not forgotten)
"hehe..your blue shirt has got nothing to do with anything at see iyengars when they are young are o.k but when they grow old turn into irritating people(hmm..must remember this in the future..i remebered caterpillars metamorphosise into butterflies...but wasnt that from something ugly to something beautiful?maybe nature decided to do the opposite with the iyengar....i read that nature has a way of balancing things..maybe this is it..)
"so that was why he was so rude?"
"must have seen that you are not an iyengar....even hindus who are not iyengars get the treatment....i know because i have seen it at family get-togethers..the older ones are always grumpy..even i will be like them some day..."
i looked at my friend..he looked quite o.k to felt quite weird to think that my friend would turn into a grumpy old iyengar....maybe all iyengars are not like that..maybe nature leaves some of them to be normal people to show us the change that could have been.....maybe my friend would stay the same...
thinking back i remembered the lines from "my name is khan"-"there are just good people and bad people and nothing else".
(P.S. iam not racist..and have nothing against iyengars..but i will not rest my quill if such characters take it upon themselves to give us all a laugh).
anyways that was a long post..end of story i have just got my new pair of trousers from the tailor's and they fit perfectly....

Monday, May 3, 2010


For all the ppl who don't know me..Iam someone who wants to "live by the second"..the rest u will get to know when u read the blog..As of this moment,am livin in the aftermath of yet another exam..GATE..what if there are some things which the competitive exams in this country have in common..they are the unbearable tension both before,after and during the exam..and the aftermath..every single one of them leaves you with sneering aunties and uncles,disgruntled parents-if you belong to my category that is..and a sense of hollowness in the head..but what really gets ur nerves is when u look in the first u think u are looking into a parabolic mirror..i know the feeling..the college had one..was at a junction in the campus..kinda stupid really..the mirror was supposed to help drivers see vehicles coming from the other side..tho it was so confusing that u had stare at it for quite sometime before u knew which direction the image was coming fat lot of good it did to the drivers..anyways coming back to the mirror..the one in my room is not was jus that my tummy had opted for a new look..funny how i hadn't noticed it durin exam time..well i guess then my mind was too busy with the equations to noticin the new curve my tummy was taking..anyways post-exam it reveals itself..a sort of invinsible monster..i was not one to take things lyin down...and i decided to combat this one with the old school-routine..running my lungs out..such was the vigour in the activity that months One and Two passed in a frenzy...of course there were days when there was no running ..but who would let such trifle happenings spoil the big picture...month Three brought with it the results and the monsoon...the results you can talk about anytime, but the monsoon?-ah! that is altogether a different thing...they say the monsoon changes everything..the fields once dry brown cakes suddenly turn into swimming pools and hot fishing spots..why, the other day me and my cousin went to the water-logged field and we played-well i don't know what anyone calls it..but all it involves is skipping stones on the water..fine game that one..u select flat stones and u throw them so that they skip over the water..and u see who throws the longest with the maximum no. of jumps..well like i said, the monsoon changed everything,even the dry plants on my balcony...and together with that,my running routine..then put in the equation my results and running was given a it was that the interview dates were announced and I decided to try on my old pair of trousers to see which ones I could take..needless to say it wasn't that difficult..there were only 2 pairs which would actually fit it was that i took the new cloth i bought to the tailor's nearby..for someone who has lived the past 8 yrs with the same came as a near mortal shock to hear the tailor announce a 2 inch jump...i knew i was overweight..but this!!?now for most of you this would hardly seem out-of-the-ordinary..not for me though..there were times-whole years when i would eat like a pig just to put on some weight,in these 8 yrs..and my body showed no signs of yielding...i had concluded that it was the work of genes which some anscestor(God save him) had passed on and resigned myself to the thought that no amount of eating could change consider the confounding fact that the tailor announced and you can sense my disbelief..and the glaring reality that running my lungs out hadn't changed it..infact GATE has done what time and eating could not...well now that it has been proved without doubt to me,let me share this-eating doesn't increase weight but sitting in the same position for hours short, inaction for 5 months has achieved what action couldn't in eight years....